Mojo’s First Book!

As Mojo is an incredibly talented dog, she has been hounding me to write her memoirs down. Looking at them made me laugh and we decided that really if we think they are cute and funny maybe other people will think they are too.

So we started off getting in touch with our favourite Poodle photographer Neil Foster from New Moon Images and asked if he wanted the challenge! Of course he did, I mean who wouldn’t want to work with Mojo and her minion lynne? We have been so picky with the photos of what Mojo gets up to in her everyday life and he has just been so very patient with us!

The words flowed from Mojo’s brilliant brain and I just wrote them down in absolute wonder! We even have an illustrator adding a few finishing touches and we are all sorted with a publisher (Spiffing Covers) who again have been marvellous and dealt with my pathetic ramblings and insecurities soooo well!

What a year it’s been after being on BGT 2017 and getting four yeses, so many Poodle Projects! Such fun and now Mojo’s book!

Here is a picture of Mojo taken on my iPhone, so not comparable to Neil’s of course, but we can’t use the photos Neil took just yet as they haven’t been edited.

Mojo’s book is all about the things she gets up to in an average Mojo day, it’s pretty full on; she loves to be busy and she has an amazing imagination hence the book is going to be called MOJO MAKE-BELIEVE with lots of ‘almost’ true happenings and lots of things Mojo REALLY does šŸ˜

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