Mojo And Family!

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Hello, I’m Lynne, and Mojo lives with me along with her family of 7 other poodles plus we somehow manage to scrunch in two big kids (Hannah 21 and Jamie 17 plus a husband called Steve!) We live in a village called Hilton, found in Derbyshire, England.

I got my first ever poodle when I was 5 years old; he was called Bimbo and we used to dress him up sometimes. My mum would often tell us stories about what he would get up to when we weren’t around, like going to school and doing a wee up the teacher’s desk!

I did the very same with my children and they loved the doggy stories, Hannah especially loved even normal everyday things to have personalities, even our Christmas tree ‘talked’ to her and Jamie when he was brought down the stairs to get decorated (his name is Douglas) my feet were even called ‘naughty foot’ and ‘good foot’ and would talk to them over the side of the bath!

I take Mojo along with Freddie as ‘buddy readers’ into our local school every week to get the Year 1’s to read to them. As you can image, they are VERY popular with all the children!

They even dress up at Halloween, Christmas, Red Nose Day… anything that’s fun, they are front of the queue!