Derby Night Market

just in and sitting with a hot drink and thinking about the wonderful evening we’ve just had, Mojo and Freddie were absolute stars (let’s not talk about all the fluffy hoods that got barked at eh Freddie 😂😂)

We got lots of interest in the book mainly from children , but lots of adults too! Several poodle selfies were created and the dogs got plenty of fuss and attention.

Lovely India was our first customer and mega Poodle fan, and an absolute delight to meet, she was lovely with the dogs and had a go at a game I devised last night ~ pin the tail on the Mojo! Chocolate for all who had a go. India and her daddy came back later and offered to fetch me a drink as I was on my own! How very kind of them both.

Then I was mega surprised to see one of Freddie and Mojo’s reading buddies from last year, Alfie, he was always so nice with the dogs and a brilliant little reader, Freddie always climbed all over Alfie at school and they really were great pals, so his lovely mum and dad treated him to a copy of our book and both dogs pawtographed it for him. How we miss young Alfie reading to us and his lovely shy smile as the dogs greeted him, we do see him but only briefly as we walk through year 2 to get to year 1, but his mum told me he now reads to his own dog! How cool is that 😍😍

A lovely friend Karen came and helped me for an hour or so and brought me food and a hot drink, and I did a live Instagram feed where ‘twolilpoodles’ dared me to ask for a free sausage for Freddie, which I didn’t get lol as the owner was not impressed with me asking!

I’m sure it won’t be our last market, we had a great time!


So very happy and proud to announce that Mojo’s first ever book was launched a few days ago at the National Pet Show, we were in ‘Noel’s Ark’ were she delighted young fans by signing her ‘pawtograph’ in her book, doing tricks and posing for photographs! It was at this very show a few years back that Mojo won ‘most talented pet’ and a very excited Noel Fitzpatrick was completely enthralled with her as she kept walking on her back legs with a babies soother in her mouth!

We have already posted several books around the world and lots in the UK.

The reviews have been excellent! With several people saving it for future children or grandchildren and even buying it for their dog! This makes me incredibly proud.

The book will be available on Amazon very soon as a hard copy or an ebook. If you want a signed copy, leave me a message and I’ll post out directly.

Here are some recent pictures of the book and some cute fans!











New Author, first book!

So very excited that our book is currently being printed and we will be able to show it off to Mojo’s young fans and hopefully sell a few too!

The book is a little insight into Mojo the Poodles secret world, and she has a very good imagination and makes fun wherever she can.

Mojo is a very kind little dog, she is 6 years old and loves children and other dogs too.

She can do lots of very clever tricks…she can skateboard, she can play a piano, she can dance and even sing (badly!)

We hope you enjoy our first book, it’s aimed at very young readers, it would make a great quick bedtime story! And if you love dogs you might quite like it too 🤗

Mojo’s First Book!

As Mojo is an incredibly talented dog, she has been hounding me to write her memoirs down. Looking at them made me laugh and we decided that really if we think they are cute and funny maybe other people will think they are too.

So we started off getting in touch with our favourite Poodle photographer Neil Foster from New Moon Images and asked if he wanted the challenge! Of course he did, I mean who wouldn’t want to work with Mojo and her minion lynne? We have been so picky with the photos of what Mojo gets up to in her everyday life and he has just been so very patient with us!

The words flowed from Mojo’s brilliant brain and I just wrote them down in absolute wonder! We even have an illustrator adding a few finishing touches and we are all sorted with a publisher (Spiffing Covers) who again have been marvellous and dealt with my pathetic ramblings and insecurities soooo well!

What a year it’s been after being on BGT 2017 and getting four yeses, so many Poodle Projects! Such fun and now Mojo’s book!

Here is a picture of Mojo taken on my iPhone, so not comparable to Neil’s of course, but we can’t use the photos Neil took just yet as they haven’t been edited.

Mojo’s book is all about the things she gets up to in an average Mojo day, it’s pretty full on; she loves to be busy and she has an amazing imagination hence the book is going to be called MOJO MAKE-BELIEVE with lots of ‘almost’ true happenings and lots of things Mojo REALLY does 😍